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The outcome of these sessions was so powerful and progress is immediately evident.

quote The sessions proved particularly motivating for several boys who normally feel less confident with writing, unleashing the children's creativity. Some very strong original writing came out.

Creative Literacy

Creative Literacy
'Unpacking Stories'

Creative Approaches to Unpacking Texts

  • To model an innovative approach to explore meaning in texts and create meaning through texts
  • To model classroom activities using original resources and lesson planning
  • To challenge and improve writing skills
  • To challenge and stretch all learners
  • To understand and learn how to write like an author
Creative Academic Writing
  • To develop approaches to explore creative academic writing
  • To model early formal writing for EAL targeted support using original resources and approaches
  • To analyse the structure and language of formal writing
  • To write analytically, providing evidence to support writing
  • To understand the process, structure and ordering of formal narrative
Practising artist