Training and Professional Development
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quote Significantly improved aspects of my work

quote Training was very inspiring

quote We will definitely use these techniques, rather than referring back to old techniques

Training, Research and Professional Development

We work with the private, public and charitable sectors, providing support, advice and up to date creative education research.

We work with creative leads, support staff, teachers, and senior management teams in infant, primary, secondary and special schools, providing support, guidance and advice in the following areas:

Developing an arts policy
  • Designing a creative cross-curricular curriculum
  • Support for teachers delivering creative lessons
  • Bespoke training for teachers and support staff
  • Support in the classroom modelling creative literacy, maths and science alongside teachers
  • Working with senior management teams to promote and implement a creative curriculum across the school
Modelling Creative Approaches to Learning
  • To increase creative opportunities in the classroom that impact teaching, learning and language across the curriculum
  • To develop a range of ways to increase student's critical thinking and independent learning skills
  • To provide guidance on the delivery and impact of the Art and Design Curriculum
Practical Art and Design Skills
  • To develop practical art and Design Skills
  • To learn new techniques and processes to use in the classroom
  • To assess student's progress
Awards and funding
  • Advice and guidance applying for Artsmark and Arts Award status
  • Support schools seeking for additional funding for specialist projects
We deliver theoretical and practical training courses for teachers and Arts Coordinators in the following areas:
  • Creative Approaches to Learning
  • Delivering Creative Lessons
  • Improving Art and Design Skills in the Classroom
  • Improving Creative Outcomes in Teaching and Learning
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